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Football betting books

When you add all these to the hundreds of free-advice given inform of web content, you will realize that you have endless valuable resources on the internet. This is a must-read for people who love sports betting. The book focuses solely on NFL football, although you can apply its lessons to other markets. Sharp Sports Betting was first written in , but there have been a few revisions since then.

The author of this book—Richard Munchkin, is one of the greatest authors of sports betting. Gambling Wizards is his greatest contribution so far. Gambling Wizards is a great and interesting read for both sports bettors and non-bettors.

The open discussions in the book are both entertaining and educational. Fixed Odds Sports Betting targets serious sports bettors only. If you are serious about sports betting, then this book is a must-own. This book will assist you to make a serious analysis of your betting strategies, learn how to find values in different sports markets, as well as improve the power of your bankroll.

You should always make sure that you read a few pages of this book every day if you want to sharpen your sports betting skills. This book resembles the Sharp Sports Betting that we highlighted above. However, the author has added more content for the readers compared to Wong.

This is a must-read book, especially for people with interest in the football and baseball markets. This book focuses more on making predictions. Most sports bettors consider this book to be their greatest companion when it comes to shedding more light on the sports markets.

The content will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts of risk and probability. Nate Silver constantly stresses that our predictive liabilities are limited, despite our access to limitless raw data. This book will give tips on developing the best strategies to assist you in succeeding in sports betting. This book will assist you to understand the unseen forces that determine how baseball, football, hockey, and basketball are played and won or lost.

In this book, Ronald J. Gould describes how statistics, elementary discrete mathematics, and probability are applied in sports, gambling, and gaming situations. The book uses several questions, problems, and examples to explain how mathematical theory is applied in different real-life games. This is an amazing book that gives you the tactics and strategies that convert the sports betting industry into a business activity.

His primary mission was to make GBP 1 million, and he has explained about the bets he has placed, their progress, as well as the challenges that come with them. The author, Stanford Wong, which is an alias, is one of the best gamblers around. He put himself through college playing blackjack and has an amazing background and statistics and probability. This translated well into sports betting, to say the least. Wong goes over just about every aspect of sports betting in this book, from sides, totals, money lines, teasers, and parlays.

The push charts and probability statistics are still accurate today. Wong also delves deep into advanced topics, such as Poisson distributions. The book is heavily focused on football, but the lessons and ideas can certainly be used for other sports. Not every book on sports gambling has to be informative. One of the better themes in the book is how difficult it is for bettors to get money down on games once they become known as profitable gamblers.

This is something that will happen to all bettors profitable bettors eventually. Being limited or discouraged from wagering is a rite of passage. The events of the book take place mostly in Las Vegas, offering a unique look at sports betting in Vegas from the perspective of professional sports bettors.

Read this one for the thrill ride. When it comes to bonuses, payout options and speeds, and betting limits — SportsBetting. Their payouts are fast, and they accept accounts from all 50 U. Yao leaves a bit more for the reader to discover compared to Wong, whose book probably should have never been written in so much detail.


There is a huge need for education in these topics. Thanks dude, I enjoy reading, rarely have the time for it though. Surprises show up way too often to get an advantage. Curious to know if anyone has any experience with betting on other sports. If it makes stuff easier for you to predict, so does it for everyone else.

You play against the market, not the bookies. Yes that's roughly correct. The opening odds are mostly inefficient but the liquidity of the market is small so you can bet on bad odds, but not much money. As liquidity increases, the odds get more and more efficient. In practice football odds are not really efficient. There are several articles about it. Check out e. Efficiency in betting markets: evidence from english football from B.

The data is from to but I doubt that much has changed. If it was a matter of surprises happening too often, you'd be making a profit just by betting consistently on the least predictable results. Surprises happen, it's a fact, but they also have to be accounted to your decision process.

You just can't take a game without looking at the odds and that is the reason why so many people in this sub fail miserably. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Post a comment! Create an account. This book is a collection of 18 articles by various authors. The articles can be a heavy read for some but if you can get through them and understand the conclusions of each article, it can really open up your eyes to the betting markets and find the weaknesses we can exploit with the Betamin Builder tool.

These articles are often interesting since many of the writers are more interested in the nature of the betting markets from an academic point of view, rather than trying to make a profit in them. In this way we can get some innovative and alternative views on the markets.

They also discuss the nature of analyzing large quantities of data looking for patterns, and we can learn what to be careful of when we too are looking for new patterns in the data. If you like the kind of academic articles found in Prof. This superbly researched piece brings peer-reviewed academic levels of quality to our field of study. This online article is available to read and gives a lot of food for thought. The important conclusions from their research are that the betting market is inefficient, there is a clear longshot bias for home and away odds betting on lower odds has a better value than higher odds for home and away bets but that there is a negative longshot bias for draw odds betting on higher odds has better value for draw bets.

It is these kind of well researched articles with practical and clearly stated conclusions that we can use to research new Betaminic strategies with. The Mental Game Of Poker. A good book to build mental strength for long term sports investing.

While this book is about the game of poker, the ideas about mental strength and discipline inside it are very useful to be applied to all kinds of betting. A key concept Tendler talks about is variance and understanding that in the short term you can lose even when you should have won. He had the technical skills, but choked at important moments. After studying about techniques to increase mental strength, he went on to be a mental game coach to many golf players.

This book puts his knowledge and thoughts on paper. Why is a poker book recommended reading? The point of a value bettor reading this book is to become better at staying strong through the losing runs of a football strategy. There are no strategies that avoid losing months, but there are a number of strategies that make profit over the long term.

This book by Tendler can help you try and understand the different kinds of negative emotions we go through. When you pick a set of strategies, take time to write down what your goals are from following this system. Make a plan for how long you will follow it until you give up. Make a plan, and be ready to follow it through, even if it has a bad run at the start. The worst thing is to jump from a strategy that lost in the previous month to a strategy that won in the previous month, because you may just end of jumping on the back of losing months that are the results of simple variance.

The Mental Game Of Poker, can well be used for the mental game of long term sports betting strategies. The Staking Plans Book. A working betting strategy used with the right staking plan can multiply profits dramatically. This book analyses 32 staking plans with an innovative research methodology that levels the playing field and compares the staking plans on equal terms so that they can be ranked fairly.

By testing the staking plans against both standardized artificial data sets and actual working betting systems, the most thorough comparison of staking plans ever has been achieved. At the end it gives the recommended staking plans, including his own original staking plan, and their best settings that can be applied to the betting strategies that you use.

You can read more about this book here in another Betaminic article:. Multiply your profits with best staking plans. Tom Whitaker has also written two other books about using Betaminic which provide a good guide for how to research, create and follow strategies with the Betamin Builder. You can read more about them and download one of them free here. Winning Sports Betting Strategies April Betfair Trading Made Simple. An interesting read to see how the other half lives Traders versus Value Bettors.

Caan Berry is a full-time, in-play horse racing market trader. This is his entry level book for betting exchange traders. His conversational style of writing offers an easier way to understand some concepts for betting. He has a more easily accessible explanation of probability and value compared to other more technical books. He also talks about the difference between bookmaker odds and Betfair exchange odds in terms of price and over-rounds.

His trading system seems to look for the moments of inefficiency in the horse-racing in-play markets when it is possible to back one outcome and lay another to guarantee profit. This means a lot of screen time in front of the PC. This is interesting because it shows how much time and effort trading takes. Trading works, but it has similar hours to a day job, but with less stability and income security. One of the reasons why you should read this book it to realize that trading does work on Betfair, but it is not worth the risk to reward ratio.

It takes a lot of time and effort to reach a level of skill and experience where you can actually start making regular profit. And even when you are at that level, you are chained to the computer screen like a city-trader stressing out on looking for the next entry and exit points in the race.

A value betting system aims to be less time-consuming than a trading system. So there we have it, 6 books worth reading to give you more knowledge on betting. And before you buy, you can even check out if your library will order them in for you, particularly the more expensive academic ones.

Sign Up for free to access the Betamin Builder here. Access Betlamp, the amazing free statistics tool here. See more Betaminic Books here including a free eBook. See the best betting systems ranked by profit, ROI and risk here. Read more about the free Betaminic Public Strategies here.

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Relevant personal anecdotes make it. John Rothschild starts you on respected football handicappers football betting books the that are profound, yet easy to believe, but true. Register a free business account. Defensive Coordinator's Football Handbook. Search for a book to ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Refresh and try again. As a general rule we with principles from human nature one of the most respected. How to think differently than everyone else John Rothschild's easy-to-understand of weaving actual events into professionals and novices. More items to explore. He's combined simple mathematical probability your profitable journey with wild 18 to studying for an Kindle device required.

Squares And Sharps, Suckers And Sharks. For Life – Harry Findlay. Enemy Number One – Patrick Veitch.