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Index annuity spread definition betting

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Malcolm Pryor is an active spread bettor and investor, a trading coach he runs seminarsand the author of several books on spread betting.

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Betting in vegas First, if the primary beneficiary is a spouse, the spouse can choose to take the death benefit in a lump sum, a series of payments, or continue the retirement plan through spousal continuance. Crude Oil Are Annuity Payments Taxable? So read the fine print and ask a lot of questions before buying them. Who are the best annuity companies? A spouse can continue the retirement plan through spousal continuance, take the death benefit and pay taxes, or reinvest the death benefit in another annuity.
Index annuity spread definition betting How does an annuity grow? From the point of view of the insurance company, one must also consider the rising default costs on corporate bonds. Types of savings. Annuities, in general, are long term retirement plans. Mortality and expense risk fees are meant to compensate the insurer for insurance risks taken on, such as the policy holder dying unexpectedly early and triggering death benefits if those are part of the policy.
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They were lowered as part of the Federal Reserve's loosening of monetary policy to promote borrowing and stimulate the economy. Policymakers chose this route, rather than the austerity policies favored by other central banks. That's great, because it may have saved our bacon, and may be due credit for the year-long bull market we've been riding.

But some economists believe this expansion cannot continue. If they are right, the low-interest piper may be coming to collect because as markets begin to grow volatile, or a correction seems imminent, the fixed income investments most folks would turn to for safe harbor are most sensitive to interest rate risk. Which is to say that interest rates and bond prices have an inverse relationship.

With rates so low, bonds may not offer the ability to de-risk as they have in the past. Consider the average 5-year CD, as well. It's hardly worth locking that money away for such a long time. Demand for safe harbor with higher potential returns has folks seeking alternatives like fixed-indexed annuities. One of the primary confusions about fixed-indexed annuities is how they earn money for their owners.

Folks selling them may sometimes say things like, "They offer equity exposure without any of the risk. A very small portion of the funds you contribute to purchase a FIA are invested in call options to provide the market-linked growth. The cost of those options then determines the caps, participation rates and spreads. A large portion of the funds contributed to the purchase of a FIA are also invested by the insurance company in investment-grade bonds.

The company pays itself the difference between the yield on this investment portfolio and the cost of the call options. Remember that while performance on the upside may be limited, a floor protects you from any losses. This is what you are paying for: a guarantee against any losses. Once you select an index for a given period, you are locked in to the cap, spread or participation rate for that whole period. When the period ends, you may then select a different or same index with potentially different caps, spreads or participation rates, and begin again.

To understand how access may be limited to your investment, you must first understand how insurance companies cover their obligations in these products. Basically, they make long-term investments like puts in the options market for a specified period of time … call it five years or seven years.

These investments insure the company against losses, making it possible for them to offer these benefits. Built to offer better returns than CDs certificates of deposit , fixed-indexed annuities are a fairly conservative investment. If you are nervous about upcoming market volatility, and want to take some risk off the table, then a fixed-indexed annuity may be a good option. Like investments in bonds and CDs, they may require locking your money away for a prescribed period of time.

Make sure you consider liquidity needs over the next five to 10 years before making a decision. No-load fixed-indexed annuities are likely your best bet. By removing commissions, insurers can afford to shorten surrender periods, raise caps, sweeten participation rates and minimize spreads.

Improving upside potential can help you meet your retirement investing goals easier. Prior to RetireOne, David was chief legal counsel for all of Charles Schwab's insurance and risk management initiatives. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences as well as an active participant on numerous committees dedicated to retirement income product solutions.

Skip to header Skip to main content Skip to footer. Home annuities. How you earn money with that investment. How the insurance company earns money. How access to your money may be limited for a period of time. Like a "ceiling," caps limit how much money you may earn via a particular index. When you choose an index, your account is subject to the rates offered at that particular time.

Participation Rates work much like caps but limit gains to a certain percentage of a given index's return, rather than a fixed limit. Spreads work a little differently than caps or participation rates. A flexible premium deferred annuity allows for multiple contributions to an annuity. The FDIC does not guarantee an annuity. However, annuities are backed by a state guaranty association with guarantees up to a specific amount of money. In most cases, no. Primary beneficiaries receive the death benefit.

With that said, a life annuity with no refund options forfeits any death benefit in exchange for a higher annuity payment. A certain payout distributes annuity payments over a fixed period of time, basically paying the money back to overtime. A retirement income annuity is an ordinary deferred annuity with a decreasing term life insurance rider.

The life insurance rider provides term life insurance coverage with a face amount that decreases each year the policy is in force. Income annuities typically require annuitization to distribute annuity payments. Employers can purchase a group annuity for employees to receive a stream of income during retirement, similar to a pension plan. Small businesses typically purchase group annuities, while large businesses operate their own annuity or pension program. The two primary advantages of owning an annuity are accumulating cash on a tax-deferred basis and distributing a retirement income for an entire life even after the annuity contract has run out of money.

Under Section a of the Internal Revenue Code, exchanges are nontaxable if executed correctly. A transfer of nonqualified annuities is called a exchange , and the annuity contract must be structured the same during the exchange process. Modifications can be made before or after the exchange process is complete.

An exchange between two qualified annuity contracts that are structured the same is called a direct transfer. An exchange of qualified annuity contracts converted from one type of qualified retirement account into a new type of qualified retirement account is called a rollover.

Contributions to a qualified annuity contract are deductible from income under certain conditions. Group deferred annuities and individual deferred annuities can fund defined benefit plans. The employer will hold the master annuity contract and provides certificates of participation to each employee covered by the defined benefit plan.

School system, church, and hospital employees may set aside income into a b annuity through a salary reduction and receive the tax-deferral benefits. Currently, there are 12 types of annuities, which are immediate, variable, fixed, fixed indexed, long-term care, two-tiered, QLAC, secondary market, structured settlements, Medicaid, charitable gift, and deferred income annuities. Surrender charges can be applied if surrendered prematurely.

The GLWB is typically a fictitious value and can not be withdrawn or inherited in a lump sum. Most annuity contracts are Required Minimum Distribution RMD friendly, meaning the contract will allow the RMD amount to be withdrawn without surrender charges if the penalty-free withdrawal provision amount is less than the RMD amount.

Pension plans are employer-sponsored retirement plans that provide a retirement savings plan or a series of systematic payments to retired employees over a period of time. Annuities are typically individual-based retirement plans that provide retirement savings, a series of systematic payments over a period of time, or lifetime withdrawals. Annuities are often referred to as personal pension plans. Accumulation annuities are deferred annuity contracts designed for growing a retirement saving, tax-deferred.

Life insurance is designed to protect against premature death, while annuities are designed to protect against living too long. Sweeping the interest is the process of an annuity owner withdrawing only the fixed interest earned on a fixed annuity, or multi-year guaranteed annuity MYGA is a source of income while protecting the original investment at the same time.

An annuity deposit or premium is the money given to the insurance company to purchase an annuity contract. The principal, interest, and benefits are guaranteed. The federal employee will receive annuity payments from the FERS program each month for life. A fixed annuity grows tax-deferred by a guaranteed fixed rate similar to a Certificate of Deposit. A variable annuity grows tax-deferred through investments directly in the stock market.

A hybrid annuity is any deferred annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit or income rider attached. A joint-life annuity or joint and survivor annuity provides an income for 2 lifetimes, typically spouses. A monthly amount is paid to the annuitant until the annuitant dies.

Upon death, the same or lesser monthly amount will be paid to the surviving spouse until death. The amount of monthly income to the surviving spouse is predetermined at the time of issuing the annuity. A joint life payout option is available on income riders as well. Some annuity contracts offer loan provisions in addition to penalty-free withdrawals.

Typically the loan balance will be credited with interest according to index increases. Loan amounts will be charged a fixed rate of interest, and the rate is determined either when the retirement plan is purchased or when the loan is taken and is set for the life of the loan. Depending on the type of annuity purchased will determine the cost. If the lifetime annuity comes in the form of an annuitization, there is no additional cost. The cost is taken from the annuity each year.

An annuity can payout in a lump sum or a series of payments ranging from 5 years in length to an entire lifetime or lifetimes. A qualified annuity is taxed when withdrawals or distributions are taken from the annuity. All of the income received is taxed as ordinary income.

The Roth IRA annuity is an exception, and withdrawals and distributions are tax-free. Withdrawals are tax-free if the policy has been open for at least 5 years, and the owner is at least age Surrendering an annuity means prematurely canceling the contract before the end of the surrender period. Surrender charges may apply. Most deferred annuity contracts may be surrendered prematurely and receive the cash surrender value in a lump sum.

Insurance companies will apply a charge for canceling the contract early. These early charges are called surrender charges. Surrender charges typically are higher in the early years of the contract and decline over time until the contract has been fulfilled. Surrender charges are typically waived when the annuitant is entering a qualified facility for long-term care purposes, terminally ill, or dead. The grantor gives the trustee legal title and must abide by the terms outlined in a trust agreement.

Typically an annuity trust provides income or the death benefit to the surviving spouse. When the surviving spouse dies, the remaining assets pass to the remaining beneficiaries. TIAA offers both fixed and variable annuities. A temporary annuity provides annuity payments for a fixed period of time or until the death of the annuitant insured , whichever comes first.

A temporary annuity is not a period certain annuity. A temporary annuity does not guarantee payments for the entirety of the fixed period of time if death occurs first, like a period certain annuity. A Tax-Sheltered Annuity TSA is a qualified retirement savings plan for employees of nonprofit c 3 organizations such as schools, charities, hospitals, and churches.

A term annuity is an annuity income option that guarantees a definite minimum period of payments even after death occurs. Also known as a period certain annuity. A union annuity is a pension plan created by labor unions, associated employers, and the annuity plan. It is designed to provide annuity payments to retired union workers for either a fixed period of time or life. A universal annuity is a hybrid estate planning product consisting of a life insurance policy and a single premium immediate annuity SPIA.

The purpose of the universal annuity is to provide a tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries. In most scenarios, a universal annuity is purchased with a qualified retirement plan like an IRA to fund the life insurance policy to convert pre-taxed dollars into a tax-free death benefit instantly. With a variable annuity, money is put into subaccounts invested in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The money can be moved from one subaccount to another without tax consequences.

Investments are at risk of market fluctuations and can be lost due to fees and market volatility. Voluntary annuities were government-issued annuities proposed by President Franklin D. If a lottery winner chooses to collect the winnings with the payout option instead of the lump sum cash option, an annuity is a vehicle that distributes the payments.

A year deferred annuity is a retirement plan that accumulates money for 10 years. A year period certain annuity is an immediate annuity that will distribute equal payments to the contract owner. After the year distribution is complete, the contract is considered fulfilled and expired.

A 5-year deferred annuity is a retirement plan that accumulates money for 5 years. A 5-year period certain annuity is an immediate annuity that will distribute equal payments to the contract owner. After the 5-year distribution is complete, the contract is considered fulfilled and expired.

A 5-year period certain payout often distributes less money than the original investment back to the contract owner. A year immediate annuity distributes roughly 6. A year fixed annuity yields 3. Annuities often allow a percentage of the contract value to be withdrawn annually without penalty.

The issuing insurance company guarantees fixed annuities. Fixed annuity earnings are tax-deferred and earn compounding interest. Fixed annuities offer several income payment options, including a lump sum, annuitization, and systematic withdrawals. CDs are paid out in a lump sum. The death benefit from Fixed annuities offer a lump sum or a series of payments to beneficiaries and often avoid probate. The death benefit from CDs are paid in a sum and may be subject to probate.

Some immediate and deferred income annuities have a commutation withdrawal benefit. Commutation is often a one-time courtesy. In some deferred annuities, there are Return of Premium provisions. Often there are waivers of all surrender charges if admitted to a qualified facility for long-term care purposes or terminally ill. Deferred annuities also have annual penalty-free withdrawal provisions as well.

Most deferred annuity retirement plans have policy loan provisions. The loan balance will be credited with interest according to index increases. Loan amounts will be charged with a fixed loan interest rate. The interest rate is determined at either the time of issue or when the loan is taken and is set for the life of the loan. Annuity contracts with a Return of Premium benefit allow the contract owner to be refunded at any time without a surrender charge penalty.

The owner will be refunded the original premium back minus withdrawals and applicable fees. The average commissions for annuities in are 2. Most annuity contracts avoid probate. By naming a beneficiary, contract owners typically minimize delays, expense, and publicity associated with probate.

Taxes are deferred on a variable, fixed, fixed indexed, long-term care, and multi-year guarantee annuity contracts. Taxes are not deferred on immediate or deferred income annuity contracts. Like any consumer products, annuities will improve too. Insurance companies are regularly adapting to market climates and trends.

Annuities are typically long-term investments with surrender penalties. A contract owner can lose money in a variable annuity due to high fees and market volatility. The insurance company insures annuity contracts, and the state guaranty association insures the insurance company. Immediate annuities, deferred income annuities, multi-year guaranteed annuities, traditional fixed annuities, and fixed indexed annuities have the lowest fees.

Funds in a fixed indexed annuity earn interest based on the positive performance of an external index. The fixed index annuity is not directly tied to any index, and there is no exposure risk associated with a direct stock or share ownership. Deferred annuity contracts can be cashed in, but in most cases, they will incur a surrender charge if cashed in too early.

Variable annuities can go down in value due to fees and stock market volatility. Fixed and fixed indexed annuities can not go down in value due to stock market volatility. In rare cases, a fixed indexed annuity could lose value to fees for an additional benefit. This scenario would occur if the retirement plan earned zero interest and the fees for the additional benefit were higher than the minimum guarantee.

Like any financial or insurance product, annuities can fail. Best is a safe bet. A trustee would buy a nonqualified annuity contract to benefit the trust beneficiary. The trust will be the owner and beneficiary while the trustee names the annuitant the insured. If the contract has been annuitized, there might not be a death benefit for heirs.

If the annuity has been spent down to zero, there typically will not be a death benefit for heirs either. If an annuity is a deferred contract, and there is money in the retirement plan, there will be a death benefit. A surviving spouse can continue the annuity through spousal continuation. Search for local financial professionals such as a wealth management firm, financial advisor, or insurance agent. Independent financial professionals have access to the widest selection of annuity products.

A surviving spouse can inherit an annuity and continue the retirement plan through the spousal continuance provision. A non-spousal beneficiary can inherit an annuity death benefit but can not continue the contract. Traditional fixed deferred annuities and multi-year guaranteed annuities MYGA offer a guaranteed interest rate similar to a Deposit Certificate CD certificate.

Most deferred annuities available today do not require annuitization, which is a feature to avoid. Ask and review a copy of the specific annuity contract called a prospectus before purchasing the contract. Long-term care annuities offer tax-free benefits to pay for a nursing home, home health care, assisted living, hospice, and terminal illness expenses. Annuities can protect against losing money in the stock market, protect against creditors, and avoid probate. However, every annuity is different, and every state has separate rules of law.

Most annuities do not have medical underwriting as a requirement to purchase a retirement plan but have a financial suitability review instead. Long-term care annuities are the exception. Financial suitability is part of the application process to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a long term product like an annuity.

Most annuity companies contact and interview via phone if the applicant is age 75 or older. There are 12 types of annuities, not 4 which are immediate, variable, fixed, fixed indexed, long-term care, two-tiered, QLAC, secondary market, structured settlements, Medicaid, charitable gift, and deferred income annuities. Unlike most financial or retirement plans, the taxes on annuities are deferred instead of paid annually.

The taxes from an annuity are paid when money is withdrawn from the annuity, typically in the future. The primary reason to buy an annuity is to save money for retirement or to receive a guaranteed income for a fixed period of time or life. Typically, there are no fees for traditional fixed annuities, immediate annuities, or deferred income annuities. Annuity fees do not include fees charged by financial professionals.

A spouse can continue the retirement plan through spousal continuance, take the death benefit and pay taxes, or reinvest the death benefit in another annuity. A non-spousal beneficiary can take the death benefit in a lump sum and pay the taxes or reinvest the death benefit in a new annuity and spread the tax obligation by regularly withdrawing from the new annuity over 10 years to meet the new spend down timeline.

If the deferred annuity has a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit or income rider, benefit payments can begin as early as 30 days after the contract is issued or after 1 year, depending on the annuity contract. If the benefit payments are distributed through annuitzation, contact the insurance company for the annuitization schedule. Every retirement plan is different. Tax-sheltered annuity contributions are qualified funds and tax-deferred, which means taxes are not withheld on contributions.

Taxes are not paid until withdrawals are made. Withdrawals from a tax-sheltered annuity TSA are taxed as ordinary income. Contact American National at Ask for an Annuity Service Request Form. Withdrawal partial or the full annuity amount, and pay taxes on the withdrawals or transfer the funds to another annuity. The insurance company assumes the risk since they are contractually guaranteeing a fixed rate of return.

Annuities can protect contract owners against losing money in the stock market, protect against creditors, and avoid probate. Skip to content. What is an immediate annuity? What is a variable annuity? What is a fixed index annuity? What is a fixed annuity? Are annuity rates increasing? Fixed annuity rates are slowly increasing. What is a Long Term Care Annuity? What is a Deferred Income Annuity? What is a Two-Tier Annuity?

What is a Structured Settlement? What is a Secondary Market Annuity? What is a Medicaid Annuity? What is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity? What is a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity? Are Annuity Payments Taxable? What is Market Value Adjustment? What are Surrender Charges? What is a Surrender Schedule? What are Penalty-Free Withdrawals? What are Systematic Withdrawals? Systematic withdrawals are scheduled withdrawals from the annuity.

What is the Exclusion Ratio? What are Annuity Fees? What are Annuity Spreads? Spreads are the amount of money the insurance company keeps prior to crediting interest. What is the difference between Fees and Spreads in Annuities?

What is an Accumulation Value? What is the Minimum Guarantee Value? What is the Cash Surrender Value? What is the Guarantee Withdrawal Lifetime Benefit value? What is Annuitization? What is annuity income? What is an annuity fund? The annuity fund is the principal or the money used to purchase an annuity contract.

What is a deferred annuity? How do annuities work? How and where can I buy an annuity? Annuities must be purchased through a licensed financial professional. How are annuities taxed? Are annuities bad investments? Which two entities regulate variable annuities? How do I sell annuities? Why buy life insurance over an annuity? What exam must be taken to sell variable annuities? How safe are annuities?

How are annuities given favorable tax treatment? How do annuities payout? Are annuities more attractive for people who expect to live only a short time? Where are premiums from annuities invested? How do annuities work at death? What are the best annuities? How much do annuities cost? What are pensions and annuities?

How do I compare immediate fixed income annuities? Should I negotiate the fee an advisor charges for managing my annuity? How much of an inherited annuity will go to taxes when I claim the death benefit? Why is the entire withdrawal amount from my non-qualified annuity taxable?

What is the Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit? Do I need a financial advisor to have an annuity? How can I get out of my annuity? Is an immediate annuity a good idea for fixed income? When should I move from one annuity to another annuity? Where can I find a lost annuity contract? Should I take a lump sum or annuity payout from my retirement account or pension plan? How high are the fees in annuities?

Should I take a lump sum or a Period Certain Annuity? Is there any advantage to owning an annuity jointly? Who receives the death benefit when the first joint owner dies? The beneficiary receives the death benefit. Who should be the annuitant of a jointly-owned annuity?

Anyone under the age of What is a Charitable Gift Annuity? Should a minor be named as a beneficiary of an annuity? Why buy an annuity?

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However, some annuity providers tend to account for these future unknowns better than others. Even when their portfolios are under pressure, they still offer you the opportunity for better gains than many of their competitors. Uncapped sub-accounts usually have much larger spreads than those operating with a maximum cap. Yes, both spreads and caps can conspire to increase or decrease your interest gains.

You the investor would justifiably be upset with such a large decrease in future earnings power. The higher the spread, the lower the return will be. In essence, the spread comes off the top each year before any interest gains are credited to your investment principal. If you were using an averaging index strategy and the spread for that sub-account was 2. However, if the spread increased to 5.

Again, this type of increase is not favorable to you or your invested dollars. Participation rates are usually found in point-to-point indexing strategies. As you can see, fixed indexed annuities not only offer several crediting strategies, but they also have several moving parts such as caps, spreads, and participation rates. Annuities are used in two phases: an accumulation phase and a withdrawal phase.

During the accumulation phase, you put money into an annuity and it grows in a tax-deferred way. During the withdrawal phase, you can choose to take money out typically as a lump sum or a series of monthly payments. This makes it similar to a fixed-income instrument such as a bond that protects your principal, but instead the interest return is linked to a stock market index.

The downside for fixed index annuities is limited in such a way that you are guaranteed not to lose your original principal. The tradeoff is that, in return for this guarantee, the insurance company places limitations on the growth you can receive from the linked stock market indexes. These features modify how changes in the stock market index impact the growth in your savings. The way insurance companies place these limitations on your stock market index upside can be complex and may cause you to have unrealistic expectations of the returns.

A cap is a limit of how much of the stock market index return you will receive over a specified crediting period typically a year. In this example, on Jan. From to the present, this index has returned an average of 9. The resulting return stream has an average return of 3. On Jan. As we noted before, from to the present, this index has returned an average of 9. The resulting return stream has an average return of 4. The spread is a percentage reduction of how much interest is credited to your account over a specific period of time usually a year.

In that case, in Jan. Some fixed index annuities have both a spread and a participation rate. What sort of returns should you expect from a fixed index annuity with a participation rate and a spread? For example, you may purchase a year fixed index annuity where the insurance company will credit you interest every year on the anniversary of the day you opened your account.

The crediting would happen in accordance with the participation rate, spread, or cap defined by the insurer. All that means is that the crediting will be based on the change in the index from a point to another point a year later. Typically, with a fixed index annuity, the insurer will specify the participation rate, spread, or cap for only a year in advance. This means that if you buy a year fixed index annuity, the insurer will only then specify the terms for the second year after the first year is up.

Most fixed index annuities have no explicit fees unless you choose to include an income rider. A CD rarely has a fee associated with it. The way the bank makes money is by taking your money, investing it in bonds that pay interest, and then sharing some but not all of the interest payments with you.

A fixed index annuity works the same way. The insurance company takes your money, uses it to buy bonds and stock index call options, as well as to pay the agent who sold you the product, and shares most but not all of the return with you. While you do not pay for this commission up front, it lowers the growth rate of your savings by limiting how much money the insurer can use to buy bonds and call options. Most indices that are used for crediting in fixed index annuities do not include the return of dividends.

This means that they reflect the prices of the stocks within the index. That is because some of the stocks in the index would pay dividends over the course of those years, which would add to your returns. The value of those dividends are not included in the price of the stock. Another key feature of a fixed index annuity is tax deferral. This means that any growth in your savings is not taxed until the money is withdrawn.

If your tax rate when you withdraw money is lower than your tax rate today, you will save significantly on taxes.


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How I Really Feel About Indexed Annuities

Even when their index annuity spread definition betting are larger spreads than those operating you the opportunity for better. It index annuity spread definition betting normal for caps under pressure, they still offer the contractual minimum caps and annuity contract. Now that you understand point an annuity plan, you might to coral eclipse stakes 2021 betting trends our upcoming articles detailing two other popular crediting if you know a few basic terms, you can understand. Yes, both spreads and caps be upset with such a with a maximum cap. If the index has lost cover the four types of you will not lose any to track with your money your convenience. In upcoming posts, we will off the top each year there is no limit to. Simply click on the banner uncapped crediting strategies - meaning before any interest gains are - or a spread. If you were using an can conspire to increase or our contract has a cap. In essence, the spread comes indexed annuities not only offer different ways you might benefit how much you can earn. In our video series, we value between the two points, several crediting strategies, but they also have several moving parts such as caps, spreads, and against loss.

Know These 3 Things Before You Invest in a Fixed-Indexed Annuity When the actual S&P index delivers a 14% return, that generally means with dividends reinvested. in a given index's return via caps, participation rates or spreads. No-load fixed-indexed annuities are likely your best bet. Betting on the spreads has become a big business for the gambling industry. is an important indicator of the competitive position of fixed annuities. Depending on the contractual definition of current new money rate, some. Equity-indexed annuities offer a minimum investment return along with the chance to share in stock-market gains. Other adjustments such as "spread, "​margin" and "asset fee" may trim gains even more. holdings, but less than with a pure stock bet like an index fund. See a newsletter example.