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From rags to riches csgo betting guide gut knife ruby csgo lounge betting

From rags to riches csgo betting guide

Stewie moving to a new team could be the best thing for his career yet. Stewie is the kind of player that can pull out the kind of unorthodox plays that can help his team to win rounds that would otherwise look unbeatable. The trouble is, this kind of playstyle can also be very catastrophic. With Cloud9, Stewie would often go to desperate measures in an attempt to pull things back when things were looking pretty poor for the team.

In situations like this, sometimes jumping through smokes or pushing solo is just not going to cut it. With Fallen at the helm, however, there is potentially less pressure on Stewie. He may be put into fewer situations where he feels pressured into making ridiculous plays. If the rest of the SK team can punch above their weight and Fallen can create some good team cohesion, Stewie may find a role that works well for him.

Many professionals have played Counter Strike for over a decade before they got into the scene, whilst Stewie only started playing CS:GO in He may get the chance to learn more about what roles suits him best. There are times where Cloud9 are on top of the world, and other times where they hit really hard slumps.

On the flip side, SK is one of the most motivated teams in the world. Their rags to riches story shows just how much dedication the Brazilian team has put in to get to the point where they are at now. Esports Betting How to bet on Esports. Best Fortnite Settings: boost your performance like a pro. Esports Betting Tipster: Your ultimate place for winning tips. Dota 2 Betting: Our in-depth guide on how to bet on Dota 2. Esports stocks: Find the best stocks to invest in.

Top 10 Competitive Fighting Games you need to follow. Esports Promo of the Month. Now this one is an absolute no-no for everyone looking for a steady betting income. Anger-driven bets are the worst! Anger-driven bets are bad for obvious reasons. Needless to say, this is a huge no-no, not just for CSGO betting but for online betting in general. I recently stumbled upon an older Reddit post dates back to in which a year-old described his path into the depths of CSGO skin betting.

He probably went in with too many bets of questionable quality, upping his total mistake tally up to three. Those are the key mistakes everyone seems to do these days… Quite honestly, they are the quickest way to go if bankruptcy is your biggest desire.

Many of them are wasting their hard-earned money, doing rookie mistakes all over the place. To ensure newcomers and more seasoned veterans get a head start to their CSGO betting career. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Toggle navigation. English English. Joe likes risky bets. Joe hates when he loses a high-stake, high-risk, high-profit bet so he gets pissed off and ends up spending his entire remaining budget on an anger-driven nail-biter.

Joe loses the bet and has to redeposit to continue betting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. More Blog Articles. View More Blogs.

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A little bit annoying but I factor in the enjoyment of watching the games as well. From now on I'm just going to be taking it slow and steady. It's what I was doing up until the USSR match where I started to just bet off of impulse or luck and until that point I was getting a steady return. Seems like a pretty simple excel sheet , basic excel skills will do it :P , just google some and you will find it.

Haha yeh it's a very thin line. On smaller matches I find it's more stressful as simple mistakes are often more frequent, but Titan vs Virtus Pro was the final and it was great to watch. I'd not seen much VP before so it was interesting to see how they played.

My favourite emblem of any team as well. Lost my best skins on nip vs cool won a ton of good skins on flipside vs navi, but after that col bet, I lost nearly 7 bets after, but now I'm good and won 3 bets. I gotta second this No safe bet posts. I made what i thought would be safe bets during G3. Lost most bets.

My only saving grace was a bet that i felt the odds were off and bet the underdog. If you cant watch the match. If you need help finding matches, let me know. I lost a lost of money on many of those matches :. Yeah, I was like what in the eff when I saw the odds. I knew VP is gonna start playing when they get to the decisive matches. Absolutely worth it :D.

Not even remotely true. I'm back to betting bo3 and iBP only :D. No it's not. Used it to bet today. Never too late , buddy Start again with a dollar or two and slowly rise your way to a million asiimovs. These are the principals I used to get to riches. Penta the odds were so scewed it wouldn't be half stupid to go all in and get yourself a new graphics card.

I lost 40 bucks in one of the last Gfinity matches, so I'm holding a little break, total of 56 profit right now. Yet I want to get moving again with all the new matches coming up, so I am asking you guys to guide me, to help me get started, to help me really focus on what I need to focus on before betting.

While I understand what I read above, I would like someone I could converse with 1v1, so I could get a deeper understanding and more precise guided answers to my questions.. If any kind soul feels like helping a "damsel in distress" I am a man though, don't want to get anybody confused, just liked the words and felt they fit nicely please do contact me on steam at: TheCleverPlatypus Yellow profile pic with a black robot on it pixels.

No purchases involved. Calculated risk is the key. Went from a single key to a flip knife slaughter MW. This is good becuase i cant bet the knife. I feel you bro, but if VP are incosistent then why make a big bet? During Groups, they didn't show any of their strats. The second they hit Brackets, they were using their strats and just came out to the normal VP that many love. Why would a top team like VP show off their strats during Groups and get anti-stratted when they can just save them for Brackets?

To some of you it still might seem good enough, but remember that only 1 in 4 people succeed". This is false for a few reasons. It may be projected that way on csgolounge, but with the correct research, conditions, and experience, a strong better can win more than he loses. Ill put it this way. Retaining meaning ending up with the same skins. Isn't it the same as a coin flip? Oh I see our misunderstanding. This site also covers other games such as Dota 2 and LoL.

Protip: As betting the entire roster of a team is not allowed even if you feel that they will score the most points, it is essential for one to pick the player with the highest value for money. In which the player you picked will be able to perform better despite having a lower salary. Knowing the players in each team can be of great help as one will be able to deduce whether that player will do good or not.

There are often contests being held everyday both free and paid. Paid contests generally have a higher reward as compared to free contests. Technically one of the first few betting sites that came out soon after CS:GO was released. It started out with a small userbase and soon grew to what it is today. One of the biggest CS:GO match betting sites that most people go on to bet. I have noticed that it is generally in this site that upsets can be very profitable in the long run due to the immense odd shifts that happen.

As a result of this, I feel that betting on this site during Asian matches, Unknown teams can be very profitable since overdogs are hyped up too much thus making the payouts for an underdog bet really good with minimal risk involved. Betting on the overdog can also net profit if one is max-betting in hopes of overpay. Fanobet is another alternative match betting website that was launched quite recently. Team A will win at least 10 rounds, Team A will win at least 1 map.

Because of this feature, this site allows one to bet on the underdog. Another feature is combination bets. Great for chaining overdog wins or even increasing underdog profits. Fanobet is known to give decent rewards for overdog betting. Instead of like 0 — 0. This is much better and it could be said that for overdog betting, the odds here are much better.

Likewise, chaining your bets is also a good way to increase your overall profits as a whole. Gosu Gamers is also another alternative match betting website which was launched at around Mid June. Though initially at Early Beta, this was slowly developed and soon pushed out to more stable versions supporting more users. The great thing that I like about this website is the streamline process that this site has.

Not only is this a betting website but also a statistical one. Users have access to latest match results, and in-depth match statistics such as rounds won, etc. Similar to Fanobet, I really enjoy the fact that this site also has decent odds which could make for a good overdog bet as well. Though lacking in terms of overall betting features such as the combo bets of Fanobet, this website evens it up with its match statistics.

Jackpot is notorious for being that website where you can earn those dream skins of yours. However, be warned, Jackpot is also a site wherein the chances of losing are very high. Jackpot can be a hell of fun if you end up winning however it is possible that you will lose most if not even all of your bets within a day. As they say, betting is full of risks and therefore, bet only what you are willing to lose.

The odds of one winning against opponents of this size is quite minuscule. There are other ways to increase the value of your inventory as compared to this site especially for starters. I would recommend this site for players who bet in small amounts as it is possible to net a pretty good reward in the long run. The pot here is also decent enough for those starting as well as for those looking to build their own inventory up. One thing to note though are snipers. These are people who usually observe the pot and once it starts adding up they deposit in their big items to easily snag the pot.

Protip: To avoid losing to snipers, it is essential that you be familiar with the site, its users and the times that these snipers come in. Know the users who bet avidly on the site, the amount of users who are online. Knowing these details will be of big help if you are to begin joining these pots as you will be able to plan your bets.

Example: Betting when there are x people online, the fewer the better, less snipers, however less reward. Last example: Peak and low times, these will dictate your betting routines and times. Knowing these details should give you an edge in betting and could really help you in winning those skins. CS:GO Big is a site that has interested me because of the huge variety that this site offers. You could say that this site combines different aspects of jackpot betting.

They also have different levels of jackpots and of course an unlimited lotto timer but no limit to maximum skin price that can be deposited. So a better can decide to join the smaller jackpots to build up their inventory or join the limitless jackpots in hopes of being very lucky. Other than that, this is a great site. Protip: As the chances of winning the jackpots are pretty small, it is recommended that you perhaps join the coin flip bets because of the 50 — 50 chances of winning.

However, be careful as these 50 — 50 bets are rooted upon chance and there is always the possibility of losing. CSGOReactor is another alternative jackpot betting site. The good thing about this website is that it is great for people with small inventories. This site accepts a great number and variety of lower tier skins.

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