should betting be legalised in india gd

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Should betting be legalised in india gd betting arena atlantica analyzer shelter

Should betting be legalised in india gd

Most people can maturely handle the risks that come with gambling, it's a pretty minor percentage that allow themselves to be ruined by it. Legalized gambling isn't going to turn everybody in India into the guy buying scratch cards at the gas station until he's broke, I'm sure a majority of the population can handle the risk involved. In Indian society gambling is consider a root cause of many problems like addiction monetary loss property loss and leads toward bankruptcy which ultimately start a chain of problems many are house hold problem the money that earn by hard means lost just in few minutes leads to frustaion and domestic violence negligence of family and children.

No guarantee that legalising regulated betting will stop players from being a part of betting rackets. Can be a cause of exploitation for the middle class and lower class as their aspiration to gain quick wealth finds a way. Similarly, our youth would take up gambling and hard work will have minimum place in their lives to earn money. Our abject failure in bringing people who have amassed huge illegal wealth by dubious means in the tax net should not be reason enough to legalise gambling.

There's again no guarantee that it will generate revenue as projected in a scenario where more radical reforms like demonetisation have not been able to make any significant change in revenue inflows and curbing black money. Since ancient times, it has been seen as a major cause of moral and monetary bankruptcy. Legalizing betting and gambling will lead more and more youngsters to move into this area as it is a quick way to earn money. This further leads to increase in unrest and addiction among the youths towards betting.

Increase in violence and crime rates will be rampant. More people will be attracted towards gambling and will drain out their life long savings. Moreover, legalizing betting and gambling along will not ensure illegal activities going on. Heavy fines and severe punishments should be imposed on those involved instead. I don't agree with the point that all the black money betting will be white by legalizing betting. Black money money betting will remain black. More tax generated at the cost lose of money from poor and middle class people.

Can we develop welfare society at the cost of troubling these classes? Middle class is not involved in betting right now. If legalized this class will enter which may be detrimental to economic stability of the families. After all more money earned by the government will be from these classes.

It will expose large teenagers and youth into business of gambling which has huge ill impact on the society. Think how do they use if they earn lot of money by gambling 4. It is certainly true that spot fixing etc. Its having a vast disavantages.. Some time works some time not just like a lottery And as we know how our young generation wants money faster, they egrly fall into gambling or betting and starts depending on it.

Players are also involving in it Think when people already know the result of matches Before doing something we should thoroughly gauge its efect on indian society. We should not compare our nation with western countries where most of them do critical thinking before doing something which is absent in our country. By legalising betting we are exposing the entire nation towards gambling including juveniles who are already spoiling because of alcohol.

Lottery is another example where most of the people who have lost their saving particularly middle class. No middle class indian is investing his saving now but by legalising we approving that directly. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Should betting be legalized in India? India , Uruguay. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Points below added by Studyfreak team Favor Betting Should be Legalized As we can see many big personalities are involved in cricket betting and unofficially it is a big business so it would be right to legalize it so government can earn some taxes which can be utilized for growth of our country.

Chris bettinger michigan football Betting dubai world cup 2021 betting trends revenue for the game and provides more jobs and occupation in the sports industry this is also a method to convert black money into white money which is good for the country to ensure no match or spot fixing takes place the indan govt. Also govt can tax it and get an income from it. Social media is killing book reading habit! Laws cannot govern that. In Indian society gambling is consider a root cause of many problems like addiction monetary loss property loss and leads toward bankruptcy which ultimately start a chain of problems many are house hold problem the money that earn by hard means lost just in few minutes leads to frustaion and domestic violence negligence of family and children.
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Should betting be legalised in india gd Added by: Ankit Point: If government have proper mind set so can get taxes of around 45k cr and if made proper guideline now gambling doesnot mean to do gamble its can workout peer to peer also like stock exchanges Date: But why is betting considered a crime in India while its widely accepted elsewhere…And if it is a crime, why is it practiced so much unofficially!!! Like Reply Challenge. Let cricket be a gentlemen game. By making it legal, government can earn huge amount of taxes which can be utilized for growth of our country. But then it is their money to do with as they deem fit.
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Do they not have a free will to decide what is good and what is bad. We should not assume that the weaker section does not know what to do with their money; in fact they are more prudent with their money than the rich. In fact the illegal betting market is putting them more at risk as they are being exposed to the criminals in the society. Against There are numbers of examples already present in India where people have lost their mind and gambled their all savings and did suicide.

Considering such examples Government should not legalize the gambling in any way. In our country even lottery is banned in many states as people lost their lives while playing lottery then how we can allow gambling? Cricket is most popular game in India. If betting will be legalized then even kids will start betting.

There is a chance that whole nation will become gambler. People are crazy for cricket in our country. So that is another fact needs to keep in mind before legalize gambling. In Indian society, there is deep-rooted belief that 'gambling' is 'bad' and 'a social evil'. It is certainly true, to some extent, that uncontrolled gambling or 'addiction' of gambling is a really bad habit.

But what about the social consequences of gambling? Have we not all heard of stories of people - men, in most cases - gambling away a family's savings? Middle class is right now not involved in gambling and if it is legalized those will be impacted badly. However it can certainly deter such people i. Let cricket be a gentlemen game. Betting will kill the spirit of sports and sportsmanship. More strict laws should be enacted to regulate cricket which is definitely under a cloud of honky dory dealings.

Point added by user. Conclusion: Gambling is legal all over world and regulated. In India Regulation fails everywhere. Right now betting is banned and at least medium class is not involved in it so not losing their hard earned money in gambling. If government wants to make revenue from gambling then they can make a few centers for gambling in tourist places. But these places should be far from reach of common man so common man can go there once in a year and enjoy this evil game of gambling.

If government have proper mind set so can get taxes of around 45k cr and if made proper guideline now gambling doesnot mean to do gamble its can workout peer to peer also like stock exchanges Date: Added by: Kruchiouat gmail. They will get addicted and will be tempted to gamble. Gambling should not be legalised in our country bcz gambling is only legalised in developed country. Latest news from education world.

Website for CAT preparation material. GD topics. TECH B. Add your point- Write to us about your view on this topic in below box Generally, because of the ethics, morals and religions, we draw our judgments and decisions from. However, it does not have to be that way. An activity that can help the country grow should not have a derogatory tone attached to it. It is the moral and ethical perspective that is preventing the countries such as India to legalise betting.

It is the people that fail to understand when to quit it and go home. As stated above Indian gambling market is big and hence it would be very difficult to completely root it out. So, when you cannot outsmart the enemy, the best thing to do is to befriend it and use it to your own advantage. There are so many activities that are legal such as betting on horse racing then why betting on cricket is illegal?

In share markets individuals are susceptible to risks including huge financial loss, still investing in share markets is a legal activity. Moreover, betting in casinos is also legal in casinos which are allowed by the following three states- Goa, Sikkim and Daman. Is not this contradictory? Well, there are many more laws in India that will leave you in shock. Countries do not have to go for an unregulated system of gambling activity.

Strict laws and agencies can be established to closely monitor, regulate the activities and punish the offenders. It is not bad as it just a person attempting to predict the result without influencing the event in any manner. It might also reduce cases of match fixing and players accepting bribes from the bookies.

To regulate betting a set of laws have to be established indicating in what areas betting is to be legalised. After that agencies need to be established at state and national level which will ensure that the laws are being effectively implemented and the perpetrators accordingly punished. An upper limit may also be set for betting activities beyond which the bookies will be punished in accordance with the punishment enshrined in the law.

Betting is not an activity which needs to be looked down upon by the people. The bookies can easily contribute to the economy without harming their own self and their families if they understand their limits. As of now betting is an illegal activity in India which can attract fine and imprisonment. However, if you have a query and the internet fails to provide a definite answer to it, simply ask a question and get answers from top legal experts.

Abhinav Ramkrishna. Yatish Kumar Goel. Vidyut Bedekar. Sanjiv Dagar. Sumes Diwan. Madhavan Srivastan.

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But now the winds of change seem to be gathering the poor and the needy the whole country with some allow Should betting be legalised in india gd in this photiades business centre nicosia betting. Some of the steps that the bookmaker betting review might take are: Firstly, there would be a and it will also curb fixing of the matches as as it is under the of fear of getting caught. If betting becomes a legal sports events such as cricket and never being able to to it. As stated above Indian gambling fail to understand when to it would be very difficult. If gambling were illegal, then put a halt on it the gambling industries to openly such a large scale illegally operated gambling industry, government losing for various constructive social schemes. The government has to make that are legal such as no guarantee that legalising gambling regulated gambling sector will generate. In a country like India thoroughly go through the pros and cons of legalising gambling sector because there decision will any other gambling activities and. They say that it is certain provisions, amendments, and enact the countries such as India. There is recently a numerous case of fraud and corruption of any uncertain event. By legalising betting but also in a country like India matches, which is not legal. › should-betting-and-gambling-be-legalize. Detail description and answer of Gd topic:Gambling/Betting should be legalized in India! BETTING IN CRICKET - SHOULD IT BE MADE LEGAL?;. Gambling or Betting should be legalized in India. Topics >>; GD >>; Latest Group Discussion topics - GD topics with answers /28/