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It should be emphasised that older people and people with chronic basic illnesses must take these precautionary measures very seriously. Travellers who develop symptoms during or after the trip must self-isolate; those who develop acute respiratory symptoms within 14 days after their return to Italy must immediately contact their doctor by telephone. The Ministry of Health has the task of tracing all the close contacts of a Covid case present on a means of transport air, train, ferry , collecting the data and transmitting them to the Regions, to activate the quarantine measure.

Contact tracing- CT consists in making a timely and accurate search of all persons close contacts who may have been exposed to the COVID case during the period of infection, and who could in turn develop the infection, become contagious and thus fuel the transmission. The CT is a key public health tool to break the transmission chains of Covid cases. The EWRS is a web-based platform with restricted access, that allows EU countries to report events with a potential impact on the EU at an early stage, share information and coordinate their response.

Alternatively, call the regional information hotline. The most restrictive measures are concentrated in the area reserved for the Regions at maximum risk, the so-called red zone; in the area for the Regions considered at high risk, the so-called orange zone, there are slightly less restrictive measures; in the third area, the so-called yellow zone, including the remaining Regions, less restrictive measures are applied. The Regions have activated local helpsline to handle the many requests for information and advice.

You can find specific information for schools, universities and art and music colleges in the dedicated page of the Ministry of University and Research and the Ministry of Education. Go to the Civil Protection website. Quarantine and isolation are important public health measures implemented to avoid further secondary cases due to SARS-CoV-2 transmission, and to avoid overloading the hospital system.

Until June 2, whoever intends to enter Italy by air, sea, lake, rail or land transport or by private means, is required, for the purpose of access to the service, to deliver to the carrier a detailed and clear certification upon boarding, in order to allow verification by carriers or shipowners, to:. All travellers entering Italy, even if asymptomatic , are obliged to immediately notify the Prevention Department of the competent territorial health service and are subject to health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for a period of fourteen days at the home or residence stated at the time of boarding.

In the event of the onset of COVID symptoms, travellers are obliged to report this situation promptly to the Health Authority via the dedicated telephone numbers. Carriers and shipowners shall obtain and verify the documentation required from travellers before boarding, taking care to take temperature measurements of individual passengers and forbidding boarding in case of fever, as well as because of incomplete documentation.

Air carriers shall ensure that all passengers without protection are provided with personal protective equipment upon boarding. The WHO encourages all countries to strengthen preventive measures, active surveillance, early detection of cases, their isolation following appropriate management and containment procedures, and accurate contact tracing to prevent further spread.

The epidemiological situation is constantly evolving. This is a further measure to reduce the movement of people and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. After receiving the Electronic Prescription Number and the tax identification number on your health card, the pharmacist will supply you with the medication. With the introduction of national restrictive measures, have the activities of anti-violence centres for women been suspended?

You can write an email to coronavirus sanita. You will be answered by doctors ready to give you the explanations and help you need. The Office for Policies in Favour of Citizens with Disabilities publishes specific updates relating to regulations applying to citizens with disabilities on the following website:. I would like to make a donation to give my contribution during this national emergency, how can I donate?

The Civil Protection website has opened a bank account dedicated to the New Coronavirus emergency. You may also make a donation to the financial support fund dedicated to the families of deceased health care workers because of the Covid emergency. This fund has been set up by the Civil Protection. Donations can be made by bank transfer, both from Italy and abroad. Covid Donation page. For the management of Phase 2, a specific monitoring system on epidemiological data and response capacity of regional health services has been activated, introduced with the decree of the Ministry of Health of April 30, In Italy, specific surveillance for this virus is also active at national level since the beginning of the epidemic.

Which document defines scenarios and response measures based on the evolution of the pandemic in Italy? The document is addressed to public health authorities involved in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in our country. The R0 value reads R with zero , i. If R0 is 2 it means that on average each infected person will infect two people, if it is 3 it will infect 3, each of which will infect the same number of people.

The higher the R0 value, the higher the risk of spreading the virus. If R0 is less than 1 i. Rt reads R with t is the expression of the same index at a given time of the epidemic, depending on the containment measures undertaken. The closer Rt is to zero, the faster the infection is eliminated in the population. Rt makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of any prevention and restriction measures adopted to limit and contrast the spread of the disease.

What does it mean that those who have been in contact with SARS-CoV-2 positive people in the previous days are not allowed to attend a religious service? Yes, access to a place of worship is permitted, as long as appropriate personal protective equipment PPE has always been used during the healthcare activity provided.

Are children also at risk of infection and what is their potential role in transmitting the virus? You may encourage your children to help stop the spread of COVID - 19 by teaching them the rules of hygiene and infection prevention:. During this emergency phase, characterized by extended time to spend at home, it is particularly important to offer children some activities and movement games.

Physical exercise, intended as a game of movement, has a priority role for health in the develo pmental age and, in addition to being fun, it helps to improve physical health conditions and promote psychological well - being, functional to achieving a healthy growth. Please refer to the website of the Italian Higher Institute for health, where you will find more information for the different age groups:.

Since December 31, , a dashboard to collect data and statistics on the administration of the vaccine throughout the country has been activated. Timelines and figures may be subject to change depending on the authorisation and dose allocation processes. Italy, according to the signed agreements, can count on the availability of million doses. On the basis of ministerial memos and ordinances, the relevant local health authorities should apply the following measures to close contacts of a COVID case:.

Per avere maggiori informazioni su tutti i cookie utilizzati, su come disabilitarli o negare il consenso all'utilizzo consulta la policy sulla Privacy. Proseguendo nella navigazione presti il consenso all'uso di tutti i cookie. Vai alla testata del sito Vai alla navigazione del sito Vai ai contenuti del sito Vai al footer del sito. The Betacoronavirus genus is further divided into five subgenera including the Sarbecovirus Coronaviruses were identified in the mids and are known to infect humans and a variety of animals including birds and mammals.

COVID is the name given to the disease associated with the virus. Where do coronaviruses come from? Coronaviruses are viruses that circulate among animals and some of them also infect humans. What does it mean when a virus mutates? Additional studies are underway to assess possible increased disease severity, which has not been confirmed to date.

V2 Preliminary data indicate that this variant may also be characterised by higher transmissibility, lower than variant B. Brazil Variant P. No evidence is available on disease severity. Studies are underway to confirm the effectiveness of vaccines on these three main variants. Is the new coronavirus comparable to seasonal flu?

Is the new virus the same as SARS? Why did the novel coronavirus appear? Source: WHO. What are the symptoms of a person with Covid? How dangerous is the new virus? How long is the incubation period? Are some people more at risk than others? Elderly people over the age of 70, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer and immunodepressed patients by congenital or acquired disease, transplanted or under treatment with immunosuppressive drugs are more likely to develop serious forms of the disease.

Are children also at risk of infection and what is their potential role in the transmission of the virus? When is a person contagious? The infectious period may start one or two days before symptoms appear, but people are likely to be more infectious during the symptomatic period, even if the symptoms are mild and very non-specific.

It is estimated that the infectious period lasts days in moderate cases, and on average up to two weeks in severe cases. What are the recommendations for people most at risk? Can Coronaviruses and the novel Coronavirus be transmitted from person to person?

How is the new coronavirus transmitted? How does it spread easily? Current evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 spreads among people: directly indirectly through contaminated objects or surfaces through close contact with infected people - through secretions in the mouth and nose saliva, respiratory secretions, or droplet droplets.

How else can the new coronavirus be transmitted? What do we know about the aerosol transmission? What is the definition of close contact? When can infected people transmit the virus? Do we need more information to better understand the transmission of the virus? Yes, COVID is a new disease and more information is available every day, but there are still many aspects to be clarified: the different routes of transmission: through droplets of different sizes, physical contact, fomites, and the role of airborne transmission in the absence of aerosol generating procedures; the concentration of virus needed for transmission; the characteristics of people and situations that facilitate the superdiffusion of the virus, such as those observed in some indoor environments; the percentage of infected people who remain asymptomatic during the period of infection; the percentage of truly asymptomatic people who transmit the virus to others; the specific factors determining asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission; and the proportion of all infections transmitted by asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals.

Who is at greater risk of infection? Are health workers at risk from a novel coronavirus? Can the new coronavirus be transmitted by mosquitoes? To date there is no scientific evidence of transmission through ticks, mosquitoes, or other insects, which can carry other types of viruses arbovirus , which are responsible for diseases that are completely different from Covid, such as dengue and yellow fever.

It is therefore highly unlikely. How long does the novel Coronavirus survive on surfaces? How does the novel Coronavirus spread? Is it necessary to spray the streets with disinfectants e. Source: European Commission.

Can I get infected from my pet? Should I take any special precaution with my pet? There are certain protective steps that can be taken: As a precaution, people infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus or suspected of being infected should avoid as much as possible close contact with their pet animals and should maintain good hygiene practices e. Under the same precautionary approach, animals belonging to owners suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 should minimise their contact with people or other animals and be kept confined indoors in their households or designated animal isolation places or shelters as much as practical, not jeopardising under any circumstances their welfare and for a duration equal to the lockdown recommendations for humans applicable in the same geographical area.

Are any animals or animal products imported from China? Is it possible to import food products from China? What should I do when I return from a walk with my dog. If my pet is sick, where do I ask for assistance? What can I do to protect myself? Please stay up to date with the latest information on the spread of the pandemic, available on the WHO website and on the Italian Ministry of Health website and take the following personal protection measures: Avoid close contact with infected persons.

Ensure a physical distance of at least 1 metre from others. It is mandatory to carry a face mask with you at all times. These must be worn, not only in closed spaces accessible to the public, as in the past, but also in indoor spaces in general, other than private homes, and also in all outdoor spaces.

Exceptions are made in cases where, due to the characteristics of the place or the actual circumstances, the condition of isolation from non-residents is continuously guaranteed. Children under six years of age, people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of a face mask and those who interact with the latter, are excluded from the obligation to wear a face mask. Furthermore, the use of a face will not be mandatory during any sports activity.

Identify infected people early, so that they can be isolated and treated, and all their close contacts can be quarantined wash your hands often. Then sanitize all surfaces with sodium hypochlorite or alcohol solutions bleach. Make sure the solutions are diluted properly during any social contact, it is strongly recommended to use a respiratory tract protection, as an additional measure to other individual health and hygiene protection measures it is strongly recommended that health care professionals use surgical masks at all times, during all routine activities in health care facilities.

Can antibiotics be useful to prevent infection with novel coronavirus? No, antibiotics do not work against viruses, they only work on bacterial infections. In this regard, on 30 July , the Ministry of Health issued the circular: Impact of the COVID emergency on vaccination activities - analysis of the phenomenon and operational recommendations. Can the virus be transmitted via food? When should I wear a mask? Do I have to take special precautions when using the mask? When you are using your mask When adjusting your mask, always handle it using elastic its bands or ties.

If you touch your mask while wearing it, you must repeat the hygiene of your hands Do not put the mask in your pocket and do not place it on furniture or shelves. Wash your hands with soap and water or perform hand hygiene with an alcoholic solution.

In case of reusable masks wash at 60 degrees with regular laundry detergent, or according to the manufacturer's instructions, if available; sometimes manufacturers also indicate the maximum number of washings possible, without reducing the performance of the mask after handling a used mask, always wash or clean your hands.

How should I put on and take off the mask? What are the recommendations for people in solitary confinement? Anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID infection should stay away from other family members, if possible, in a well-ventilated single room and should not receive visitors. Family members must stay in other rooms or, if this is not possible, maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from the sick person and sleep in a different bed.

Caregivers must wear a surgical mask carefully placed on their face when they are in the same room. If the mask is wet or dirty due to secretions, it should be replaced immediately, and they should thoroughly wash their hands after removing it. Is there a treatment for the novel coronavirus? At present, there is no specific treatment for the disease caused by the new coronavirus. What needs to be done at the end of the quarantine, to return to work?

Crockery, cutlery, towels and sheets must be used exclusively by the sick person. Which masks should I use in case of respiratory infection symptoms? In case of symptoms, it is necessary to use a mask that is certified as a medical device.

Is the mask also mandatory for children? Children must wear a mask from the age of six years and up. What is the difference between the so-called community masks and surgical masks? Is it possible to wash community masks? What are the requirements of community masks? These masks must: ensure an adequate barrier for nose and mouth be made of multilayer materials, which must not be toxic, allergenic, or flammable and which do not make it difficult to breathe adhere to the face, covering from chin to nose while ensuring comfort.

When do I have to wear gloves? What precautions do I have to take for the correct use of gloves? Gloves are ok if: they are not a substitute for proper hand hygiene, which must be carried out through thorough washing, for 60 seconds you change them every time they get dirty, and dispose of them properly, in undifferentiated waste.

In the same way as your hands, they do not come into contact with your mouth, nose, and eyes. How do I dispose of masks and gloves after use? At the moment, the survival time of coronavirus in waste is unknown. As a precaution, therefore, masks and gloves should be disposed of with undifferentiated waste, taking care to always place them in a sealed bag first, to avoid contact with sanitation workers.

In health care, what personal protective equipment PPE should be used and who should use it? I am a blood donor. What should I do? Can women who tested positive for the new coronavirus breastfeed their baby? What containment measures are planned in Italy? View Situation in Italy See details of restrictions on Government website. What containment measures apply to the Regions included in the yellow risk area? In all the Regions included in the yellow area, the following containment measures are in force until January 15 , as set out in the Decree-Law January 5, :.

What containment measures apply to the Regions included in the orange risk area? What containment measures apply to the Regions included in the red risk area? The person or the two persons may be accompanied by children under 14 years of age or other children under 14 years of age over whom the same persons exercise parental authority and by disabled or dependents living with these persons. There are no restrictions on home delivery.

Newsstands, tobacconists, pharmacies and parapharmacies, launderettes, hairdressers and barbers remain open. Therefore, only kindergartens, primary schools and first year of middle schools remain open. Universities are also closed, with specific exceptions all sports competitions are suspended , except those recognised as being of national interest by CONI and CIP.

Activities in sports centres are suspended Exercise in proximity of home and individual outdoors sports activities are allowed. What is recommended to all Italian citizens? What are the main measures enacted to cope with the autumn-winter season? What is recommended to travellers? Ministry of Foreign Affairs Info Covid information line What precautions are advised if I have to travel?

What is contact tracing? Who should I contact if I have flu symptoms or think I am at risk for infection? Regional telephone information hotlines Covid information line Find out more: Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Are citizens allowed to move around the country?

Regions included in the orange area : curfew from 10 p. Regions included in the red area: any movement even within one's own Municipality, at any time, except for reasons of work, necessity, and health, is consequently forbidden from one Region to another and from one Municipality to another.

Which activies and services are open? From June 12 Sports events and competitions behind closed doors or outdoors without the presence of the public are resumed, in compliance with the safety protocols issued by the relevant sports federations, to prevent any possibility of contagion. From June 15 Summer centres for children are open, also for children aged years.

All activities that take place in dance halls , discotheques, and similar places, both outdoors and indoors, remain suspended. Activities of amusement arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls , as well as the activities of wellness centres, spas, cultural and social centres are allowed, upon condition that Regions and Autonomous Provinces have previously ascertained the compatibility of these activities with the trend of the local epidemiological curve.

With regard to journeys to and from abroad , the maximum period of stay without obligation of home quarantine has been increased to hours 5 days , for those who enter the national territory for work reasons, as well as for the personnel of companies or entities having their registered or secondary office in Italy, who are going abroad for proven reasons. From June 25 Contact sports are also allowed, in the Regions and Autonomous Provinces which, in agreement with the Ministry of Health and the relevant sports Government Authority, have previously ascertained the compatibility of the above activities with the trend of the epidemiological situation in their respective territories.

Where can I find more information about the novel Coronavirus? What is Immuni? Immuni is an app that helps us fight epidemics—starting with COVID the app aims to notify users at risk of carrying the virus as early as possible—even when they are asymptomatic these users can then self-isolate to avoid infecting others.

This minimises the spread of the virus, while speeding up a return to normal life for most people by being alerted early, these users can also contact their general practitioner promptly and lower the risk of serious consequences. What is meant by quarantine, active surveillance and isolation? What are the differences? Quarantine is carried out on a healthy person close contact , who has been exposed to a COVID case, with the aim of monitoring symptoms and ensuring early identification of cases.

Isolation consists of separating COVID patients and healthy people as much as possible, in order to prevent the spread of infection during the period of transmissibility. Active surveillance is a measure during which the public health professional contacts the person under surveillance on a daily basis, to find out about their health condition. When entry into Italy is not allowed. The ban does not apply to Italian citizens, EU citizens, citizens of countries included in the Schengen Agreement, citizens of the United Kingdom, citizens of Andorra, citizens of the Principality of Monaco, citizens of the Republic of San Marino or citizens of the Vatican City State and their close family members descendants and relatives in the ascending line living together, spouse, civil partner, stable partner , provided that they have been resident in Italy since before 9 July See more Covid, Travellers.

What measures are planned for entry in Italy? Obligations for carriers and shipowners Carriers and shipowners shall obtain and verify the documentation required from travellers before boarding, taking care to take temperature measurements of individual passengers and forbidding boarding in case of fever, as well as because of incomplete documentation.

The above provisions shall not apply to: transport crew travelling personnel belonging to companies with registered offices in Italy health personnel entering Italy to practice activities connected to their professional health qualifications, including temporary practice cross-border workers entering and leaving the national territory for proven reasons of work and the consequent return to their residence, dwelling or homestay.

Are foreign nationals required to observe the same travel limitations as Italian citizens? Learn more about the New Coronavirus on the following website pages: Covid, situation in the world Covid, Situation in Italy. Can I get a prescription from my doctor by email or cell phone message? Your doctor may: send you the prescription by certified e-mail PEC or ordinary e-mail; give you the Electronic Prescription Number by telephone, text message or mobile messaging app After receiving the Electronic Prescription Number and the tax identification number on your health card, the pharmacist will supply you with the medication.

No, the anti-violence centres remain open and accessible without restrictions. Social and health workers in the Emergency Room will also be able to advise and direct you towards a path leading you out of violence go to the chemist , in case you cannot immediately reach an Anti-Violence Centre or Emergency Room contact the AIDS and STI helpline if you have been sexually assaulted.

Download the infographics. I Am deaf, where can I ask for information? Where can I find information on measures for citizens with disabilities? What monitoring device has been introduced for this virus nationwide? What do the R0 and Rt values indicate? Can I attend religious services? Children are often asymptomatic or show mild symptoms of COVID and have a much lower risk than adults of developing severe forms of the disease.

However, the infection can in some cases lead to the development of complications or peculiar clinical forms. Therefore, great care must be taken when children show symptoms of infection, especially if they are less than one year old and have pre-existing medical conditions. What can parents do to protect their children from infection?

You may encourage your children to help stop the spread of COVID - 19 by teaching them the rules of hygiene and infection prevention: wash hands often with soap and water or alcohol - based hand sanitizer avoid contact with sick people fever, cough, sneezing daily cleaning and disinfecting of frequently used surfaces in common areas of th e house e.

Use the highest temperature all owed, and dry completely. CDC source. What can parents do to promote physical activity? To promote physical activity parents may: lead by example. Limit the use of devices for children and teenagers to certain hours of the day and to a maximum of 2 hours per day, in addition to the time required for the educational activity.

Where can I find the latest data on Covid vaccination developments in our country? View dashboard Report on vaccination against Covid What are the priority categories in the early stages? Health and social care workers. Furthermore, it is recognised that vaccination of frontline health and social care workers will help to maintain the resilience of health services. Residents and staff of residential nursing homes for the elderly. Residents of such facilities are at high risk of serious illness, due to their age, the presence of multiple comorbidities and the need for assistance with feeding and other daily activities.

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Addon List A list of products related to the current campaign. These products contribute to the total amount collected. Monete in metallo A truly prestigious set of metal coins, exclusive for crowdfunding they will no longer be available when the game is sold. The graphics are personalized and hand made in Aquisgrana!

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Le emorroidi sono scomparse. Vado anche in bagno in modo quasi regolare. Grazie per essere il mio angelo custode. Risultati veri. Non posso ringraziarti abbastanza per tutto il tuo aiuto, Jessica. Mi sembra davvero una magia. Desidero fortemente consigliare il tuo libro a chiunque soffra dei terribili e tormentosi sintomi delle emorroidi e a coloro che vivono con chi ne soffre. In principio avevo acquistato il tuo programma per mia figlia, che era disperata e lamentava da tempo perdite di sangue e prurito che la stavano facendo impazzire.

Appena ho iniziato il tuo programma ho immediatamente cominciato a notare la differenza. Le emorroidi sono completamente scomparse dalla mia vita… Ho voglia di prendere il mio dottore a male parole! Dopo aver sofferto di emorroidi per 10 anni, sono stata finalmente in grado di controllarle ed eliminarle gradualmente in quello che mi sembra non meno di un miracolo.

Il tuo metodo passo per passo facile da seguire, assieme alla tua preziosissima guida personale mi ha restituito una vita normale. Ora sono in grado di lavorare, dormire e comportarmi come una persona normale. Mi sento rilassata, piena di energia e ottimismo.

Come posso ringraziarti? Non ci sono parole per esprimere la mia gratitudine. I risultati derivanti dal seguire passo per passo le tue istruzioni a dir poco fenomenali. Le emorroidi sono sparite dalla mia vita e lo devo interamente a te. Curare le emorroidi definitivamente. I trattamenti convenzionali come medicine, creme, lozioni e altri prodotti da parafarmacia affrontano semplicemente i sintomi delle emorroidi e pertanto funzionano solo nel breve termine.

Non credere a quei siti web che offrono rimedi veloci contro le emorroidi. Il mio programma insegna inoltre come prevenire il ritorno delle emorroidi. Curare le emorroidi in modo olistico. Curare le emorroidi senza farmaci, creme o trattamenti convenzionali anti-Emorroidi. Medicinali, creme o i tipici trattamenti anti-Emorroidi a volte funzionano in modo parziale e temporaneo, ma gli effetti collaterali sono pesanti.

Adesso puoi imparare queste cure segrete contro le emorroidi da una nutrizionista ed ex sofferente che conosce esattamente, in prima persona, cosa va fatto. Lo stress aumentava, ma era ancora sotto controllo. Sfortunamente, sarebbe la situazione sarebbe cambiata presto. Quando mi sedetti sulla tazza sentii molto prurito e una sensazione sgradevole. Sembrava che il dolore fosse aumentato per il fatto che mi ero seduta, quindi diressi una mano verso la fonte di questo dolore e sentii una massa assai grande di tessuto, tuttavia mi costrinsi a non preouccuparmi o drammatizzare.

La mattina seguente, quando andai al bagno, fui sorpresa di notare che dolore, prurito e sanguinamento non se ne erano andati. Ero preoccupata, ma cercai di non pensarci troppo e uscii per un altro giorno di impegni in ufficio. Non avevo idea che il mio problema di emorroidi stava per peggiorare. Nel giro di pochi giorni il sanguinamento divenne veramente abbondante ed il dolore insopportabile, specialmente quando dovevo stare seduta o andare in bagno. Feci qualche ricerca e chiesi ad alcune amiche fidate, arrivando alla conclusione che avevo le emorroidi.

La visita dal mio dottore non mi fu di alcun aiuto. Questo mi fece veramente paura. Chiamai e ne ordinai un flacone. Ridusse il prurito e il gonfiore, ma non le perdite di sangue. Non potevo andare a lavorare. In casa ero nervosa e la mia salute era peggiorata avevo paura di mangiare la maggior parte dei cibi solidi a causa delle conseguenze.

Stavo per toccare il fondo e lo sapevo. Dovevo fare qualcosa e alla svelta, altrimenti avrei perso la ragione. Era ora di agire! Presi alcune settimane di ferie dal lavoro. Smisi di usare medicine e creme. Ero determinata a trovare una soluzione naturale al mio problema nonostante quello che i miei dottori mi avevano suggerito.

Mi immersi totalmente nel mondo della salute olistica e della nutrizione. Quindi iniziai a studiare, e studiai alacremente! Acquistai ogni libro su emorroidi, disordini digestivi, infezioni, medicina orientale, disintossicazione, dietologia e nutrizione su cui riuscii a mettere le mani. Ho letto centinaia di libri di medicina da copertina a copertina. La mia biblioteca crebbe rapidamente fino a libri sulla salute e la nutrizione, e li lessi tutti, parola per parola, fino a quasi impararli a memoria.

Tuttavia non mi limitai alla sola lettura. Dati scientifici, grafici e teorie non erano sufficienti. Comprai diversi tipi di supposte. Provai anche ogni trattamento per le emorroidi conosciuto dalla scienza e dalla medicina naturale con convinzione, desiderio e speranza che avrebbe fatto la differenza, che finalmente avrebbe eliminato le emorroidi e mi avrebbe restituito la vita. Nel corso degli anni ho speso una piccola fortuna provando ogni tipo di prodotto e trattamento esistente.

Ho provato: rimedi a base di erbe, ossigeno di cellfood, tonici, diete disintossicanti, terapie a base di vitamine, idroterapia, aromaterapia, macrobiotica, riflessologia, medicina cinese, vegetarianismo, dieta Wai, magnetoterapia, dieta senza muco, dieta del gruppo sanguigno, eccetera, eccetera.

Mi sono sottoposta ad un intervento chirurgico per le emorroidi lungo 2 ore Emorroidopessi con Stapler. Il dolore e il sanguinamento si erano arrestati e sembrava che per me ci fosse finalmente speranza. Ripresi a lavorare e tutto sembrava normale. Ma le mie speranze naufragarono presto. Le mie peggiori paure si erano materializzate. Chiamai immediatamente il mio dottore e gli urlai che le emorroidi erano tornate e che erano addirittura peggiorate. Passarono tre mesi, lenti e dolorosi, e quando nel quarto mese il mio problema di emorroidi divenne ancora peggiore tornai in visita dal mio dottore.

Ormai disperata, comprai altri libri di medicina alternativa sulle emorroidi e fui sorpresa di scoprire che la maggior parte di essi — se non tutti — offrivano consigli dietologici parziali assieme a vitamine e speciali trattamenti alle erbe.

Neanche questi approcci funzionano! Non essendo il tipo di persona che si arrende decisi che ne avevo abbastanza. Ovvio, ci vollero mesi di letture, studio e sperimentazione, ma alla fine ho trovato la giusta combinazione di trattamenti che da allora hanno eliminato le emorroidi croniche di cui soffrivo.

Mi sono ripresa la mia vita e anche tu puoi fare lo stesso! Partendo da tutte le prove, dai concetti sbagliati e dalle bugie… il puzzle delle emorroidi fu alla fine risolto. Mi ci vollero diversi anni e un sacco di lavoro per arrivare dove sono oggi. Per sapere esattamente cosa funziona e cosa non funziona. Ero entusiasta anche di notare che gli altri problemi digestivi di cui avevo sofferto — come la stitichezza — erano diminuiti, come anche il senso di spossatezza, i bruciori di stomaco e il mal di schiena.

Dopo anni di sofferenza ero finalmente libera dalle emorroidi! Praticamente sopravviveva grazie a medicine, creme e prodotti parafarmaceutici e a un certo punto era in estremo bisogno di riassicurazione e aiuto. Ho cambiato il suo nome per ragioni di riservatezza. Lisa era stata curata da 4 diversi dottori che le avevano consigliato di continuare a prendere medicine e a usare le creme a lei prescritte.

Lisa aveva seguito il mio piano in 5 punti con qualche restrizione e limite. Io le mostrai come ribaltare la sua condizione seguendo lo stesso approccio che anche tu stai per imparare. Ho sviluppato questo programma in modo che potessi condividere il mio sistema comprovato con uomini e donne attorno al globo.

Sorprendentemente ogni altro uomo o donna che ha provato questo metodo ha ottenuto gli stessi risultati. Ho iniziato a testare il mio sistema anche su altri casi di affetti da emorroidi, oltre a me stessa, riscontrando gli stessi incredibili e innovativi effetti. Tutti gli uomini e le donne che hanno usato questo metodo, hanno sperimentato i seguenti benefici:. Da allora migliaia di uomini di tutto il mondo hanno usato con successo il mio sistema in 5 passi e si sono liberati delle loro emorroidi velocemente, in modo sicuro e naturale e per sempre.

Soffrivo di una grave forma di emorroidi accompagnate da sporadici sanguinamenti e gonfiore. Anche altri problemi di salute di cui avevo sofferto sono scomparsi.. Desidero raccomandare la tua guida a chiunque soffra degli orribili sintomi delle emorroidi. Se stai facendo gli stessi errori fatali commessi dal tipico affetto da emorroidi potresti essere in grado di controllare il tuo problema temporaneamente, ma potresti far peggiorare la tua salute nel lungo periodo.

Inoltre molti uomini e donne incorrono in una miriade di problemi di salute ulteriori dopo aver preso medicinali o aver subito operazioni, in quanto i trattamenti convenzionali non si occupano di trattare le cause profonde delle emorroidi. Bisogna lavorare sul tuo sistema interno, non contro di esso, agendo per sistemare la causa scatenante! Le emorroidi inoltre possono condurre a pericolosi problemi di cuore e a stress cardiaco.

Alcuni medici associano addirittura un rischio di morte alle emorroidi, a causa di problemi e complicazioni correlate. Gli interventi chirurgici per le emorroidi non funzionano sempre e possono peggiorarne le condizioni. Il corpo invia continuamente messaggi. La maggior parte di noi ignora questi messaggi. Le emorroidi e il dolore ad esse associato sono come degli enormi segnali di allerta in mezzo alla strada.

Le emorroidi sono causate da molteplici fattori interni e pertanto possono essere abbattute trattando solamente tutti quei fattori interni responsabili della loro esistenza e non cercando di calmare il dolore o di bloccare il sanguinamento in modo temporaneo. Quando finalmente sono riuscita a capire quello che le industrie farmaceutiche stavano facendo in merito al problema delle emorroidi ho deciso di agire, quindi ho steso le mie scoperte su carta e ho iniziato ad aiutare altre persone che soffrivano di emorroidi utilizzando questo nuovo sistema che avevo sviluppato.

Questo programma contiene tutte le informazioni di cui avrai mai bisogno per eliminare le emorroidi in modo permanente nel giro di settimane, senza usare medicinali, chirurgia e senza alcun effetto collaterale. Se hai aumentato la tua assunzione di fibre e acqua senza alcun risultato prova invece questa incredibile tecnica.

Scopri esattamente cosa fare se le tue emorroidi sono esterne oppure se sono interne. Questa tecnica segreta ha funzionato per migliaia di persone sofferenti di emorroidi in tutto il mondo. Sei allergico ai medicinali per le emorroidi? Prova invece questo sistema.

Come ottenere feci naturali e morbide, in modo da non dover applicare troppa pressione quando vai al bagno. Conoscerai la risposta in meno di 15 minuti. Le due pratiche di respirazione che aiutano significativamente il tuo corpo a cominciare a guarire da solo e a combattere le emorroidi.

Se non te ne liberi, non ti libererai mai delle tue emorroidi. Come prevenire il ritorno delle emorroidi e le allergie, e come queste cose sono tutte connesse. Come affrontare le cause profonde delle emorroidi, mantenendo i tuoi organi interni in condizione ottimale, ed eliminare tutti questi problemi per sempre. Il semplice, economico e comunque incredibilmente efficace metodo per permettere al tuo corpo di rinforzarsi, guarire e fortificarsi e guarire dalle emorroidi velocemente e in modo definitivo.

Il legame tra squilibrio corporale ed emorroidi e quello che puoi fare per riportare il tuo corpo in equilibrio alla svelta. Eliminare le emorroidi e dire basta a dolore e imbarazzo correlati in modo sicuro e permanente, senza gli effetti collaterali di medicinali e creme, o i rischi connessi ad un intervento chirurgico.

Eliminare immediatamente tutti i sintomi correlati con le emorroidi che porebbero accompagnarle, come dolore, irritazione, prurito, sanguinamento, o gonfiore. Sei tu che avrai il potere di farlo accadere. Jessica, come posso ringraziarti? Una vera gemma. Il percorso che hai delineato nella tua guida ha considerevolmente migliorato la mia condizione. Mi sento come un uomo nuovo. Desidero sicuramente raccomandare il tuo programma a chiunque abbia le emorroidi.

In passato ho sofferto malamente di una forma cronica moderata di emorroidi, combinata con un gonfiore insopportabile e sanguinamento. Cercando su internet ho trovato un numero infinito di siti web che offrono cure istantanee ma in un qualche modo il tuo si distingueva dal resto e inoltre mi era stato raccomandato da una donna con cui stavo chiacchierando a proposito di vari argomenti… Chi ci avrebbe creduto?

Nel giro di due mesi e mezzo le terribili emorroidi e il dolore che mi avevano tormentato notte e giorno sono spariti. Nel , gli italiani hanno speso quasi 29 miliardi di euro per farmaci e trattamenti tradizionali, quali gel di crioterapia, supposte, e creme per le emorroidi finalizzate ad alleviare i sintomi come dolore e sanguinamento.

Con centinaia di milioni di euro in gioco tali case farmaceutiche ti diranno qualsiasi cosa per convincerti a comprare i loro prodotti. Se devono ti mentiranno in faccia! Ho sprecato migliaia di euro ed ero frustrata e scoraggiata proprio come te, fino a quando ho finalmente scoperto che cosa funzionava veramente. Molti affetti da emorroidi che si sono sottoposti al bisturi hanno continuato a soffrirne a prescindere dal fatto che la loro operazione avesse avuto successo o meno.

Prenditi cura delle tue emorroidi ora e segui un sistema comprovato e graduale!

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